Class LinCombOfFunctions

  extended by com.perisic.function.AnyFunction
      extended by com.perisic.function.LinCombOfFunctions
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public class LinCombOfFunctions
extends AnyFunction

f(x) = w1 * f1(x) + ... + wn * fn(x) n is the number of weights (length of the weight vector) If the number of weights is less than the number of functions, they will be considered as 0. If there are more weights than functions the exceeding weights will be ignored.

Copyright:(c) Marc Conrad, Tim French 2010; Usage of the works is permitted provided that this instrument is retained with the works, so that any entity that uses the works is notified of this instrument. DISCLAIMER: THE WORKS ARE WITHOUT WARRANTY.

Marc Conrad

Constructor Summary
LinCombOfFunctions(AnyFunction[] inputFunctions, double[] initialWeights)
Method Summary
 double eval(double x)
          Evaluates the weighted combination of the functions at x.
 void setWeights(double[] theWeightsIn)
          Sets the weights explicitly.
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Constructor Detail


public LinCombOfFunctions(AnyFunction[] inputFunctions,
                          double[] initialWeights)
inputFunctions - the functions {f1, ..., fn}
initialWeights - the weights for the functions, can be set to null (which returns const zero when evaluated)
Method Detail


public void setWeights(double[] theWeightsIn)
Sets the weights explicitly.

theWeightsIn - the weights.


public double eval(double x)
Evaluates the weighted combination of the functions at x. The

Specified by:
eval in class AnyFunction
x - The value against which the function is evaluated.
f(x) where f is this object.