Package com.perisic.sound

Class Summary
Config Copyright:(c) Marc Conrad, Tim French 2010; Usage of the works is permitted provided that this instrument is retained with the works, so that any entity that uses the works is notified of this instrument.
MouseIconFactory Generates the image for the icon.
NiceFunction Deprecated. This method has been moved to com.perisic.function
ShowImages This class provides the visualization of the composition.
SonicEventGenerator The class generating the sonic events.
SonicEventThread Starts a thread that runs in the background and loops a sonic event depending on the position of the mouse on the screen.
SonicMouse Main entry class for the sonic mouse system.
Util A collection of some unrelated utility functions.
Voice This class represents a voice that consists of a set of three functions [0..1] -> [0..1] that determine the pitch, velocity and instrument at time t where 0 <= t <= 1.
VoiceAssignment The set of five voices that define the composition.